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Friday, 14 August 2009
i changed the font back to normal, couldn't read that congested shit juz now. 14/08/09

i juz noticed how tiny the font actually is.. therefore, for this post, i shall use the largest font available.


anyway, we got our prelim results all collated and passed around. hell yea, i'm pretty happy with it.

English: 69.47, B3.. !!! i saw the papers, and guess what, all my eng papers' marks were cancelled and re-written, juz so i won't get an A.. =[
Chinese: 56, C5.. o well, the MT Os are over anyway.
E.Maths: 75, A1. wow. i seriously was not expecting an A, more of a low B4.
A.Maths: 33.something, F9. xD~! i studied okay! but still failed..
Biology: 70, A2. on the dot!!
Chemistry: 77.78, A1. haha.
Physics: 69.68, A2.
Social Studies/El Lit: B4. ss juz passed, lit, 74!!! juz a li'l more!!! A2..

L1B4: 10
L1B5: 14

so that's my results larh.


according to the teachers, they will "moderate" the marks, and round off in our report books, so that as long as you get 69.4 and above, till 74.999999, they will count is as an A2!!

that means, my L1B4 will be an 8!!!!

okay larh, so maybe 8 points isn't the best.. but hey, it's counted good lorh! the course with the best cut-off point is 8, although i can't remember what course that is larh.

so yea, still not as good as my kor's, but i will definitely strive for my 8A1s~!!!! ^^

anyway, juz saw 345's friendster, yay!!

Erica is the CyberStalking QUEEN!

forgot what i wanted to type liao, nvm.

Fieary. 14/08/09

P.S.: i topped eng, bio, chem, and had the best aggregate for the whole level, by quite a bit, but i'm not top in the level. they go by overall % marks. =.= sad.. typed that in smaller font, so nobody can say i'm boasting. xD~!

when will my dreams be fulfilled??