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Monday, 10 August 2009

My day was juz weird..

and i promise never to ever make fun of any old person doing taichi ever again..

made quite a few stupid discoveries today, including that facethreaders take too much time off to relax, and that they ALL do it on the same day!

went around marsiling with erica for like, 4 hours hunting for therapy, walking many many rounds around the same confusing area, and couldn't find any damn thing.

so we decided to head back to my place, and found a shop that offers therapy near my block! yay! but again, facethreaders took the day off.. =[


happy birthday Singapore!! i forgot how old you are..

happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday, dear Singapore....
happy birthday to you!!

Singapore is as old as my cousin!!

i remember saying that the national day theme songs have been getting suckier and suckier these past few years, so i thought that this year's song would suck even worse, especially since it's by a local badn, Electrico.

wow! i was forced to eat my words..

i heard it for the first time last night during the NDP, and i juz had to play it back on my tv like, 7times!

by the way, this uear's NDP, was more like a concent than a parade. as usual, front parts are always boring, but it got better at the end. overall still pretty mediocre tho, they scrapped out the flights by the airforce..

my dad say save money. they should also have scrapped out the lousy fireworks.

i need to go eat lunch now before my kor eats everything up. bye!

Fieary. 08/08/09

when will my dreams be fulfilled??