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Wednesday, 19 August 2009
Hallelujah. 19/08/09

Today was full of UPS and DOWNS.

when i was preparing for school:
my breakfast sandwich tasted suuper good
we had a very hard time tying my hair. ended up with an ugly bow, so completely changed the original idea and ended up with some ridiculous shit, that looked good.

after arriving at school:
we were almost late for school.
345 came to school, looking hot as ever!
morning article was about crabs.
the teacher explaining the article was speaking like a wooden block.

english-- boring.
e.maths-- boring.
recess-- boring.
biology-- boring.

Mother Tongue: got back our Mother Tongue O-level results!!

national average --- 97% pass, 26% distinction.
MSLSS --- 100%, 40+% distinction~!!!!

Mr S went on about how he wanted to commit suicide by jumping off the building after seeing our results, did some funny nonsense, walked out, pretended to climb the parapet, walked back in, lalala, finally gave out our results.

he said he was disappointed, cuz only 40+% of our class achieved distinctions, compared to his previous classes, which all achieved 58%.. =[

however, he also said that overall, most people improved, but most of those that were "
projected A1s" got B3s..

lemme tell you a little history..

when i first entered MSLSS at sec 3, for my very first chinese exam paper, i scored.....
8/100!!! ungraded!!!

needless to say, i failed the whole first half a year of chinese larh.

at the end when i scored
64/100 for Term 3, i was elated.

then for End-of-Year exams...

retarded shit.

in prelims, as stated in a previous post, i got C5 for chinese, 56.

well guess how Miss (8/100, ungraded) did now??


so i hopped, perspired plus hands went ice cold, and vibrated for 2 hours, till lunch was over too..

physics--- completed my paper within 20 mins. went to the back to chat, but no one was free to entertain me. carried my chair back to my seat, accidentally knocked myself in the mouth with it. lips bled more than humanly possible.

after school:
walked towards home on my own.. so lonely..
decided to sit with Marcus and gang next to the "MaMa shop", said some nonsensical things, bought tasteless Keropok(prawn crackers) to share. added ice lemon tea, ice cream soda, coke, green tea, and faux sharkfin gravy to chicken curry. played "Oh-Ya-Beh-Ya-Som" to see who HAS to drink it. heard them laughing about "oei, bu wan shi ah gua!"(trans: don't play is tranny/gay.) JH and CH had to drink it twice, i, once.(cuz i neither played black nor white. left my hand vertical.)

laughed a bit more, M laughed till he sounded like an ah gua.

i should stop blogging now and start studying. no mood. probably will sort out old worksheets to sell to the Karanguni instead.

Fieary. 19/08/09.

i ALWAYS have problems with the font.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??