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Wednesday, 5 August 2009
'cher, we love you. you rock! 5/8/09

see this? Erica and i made it after school today. we wrote some of our goals in there.
we basically labelled them into Religion, Love, Academic, Career, Finance, and Health. don't bother reading the words. our handwritings look like shit.

we love our teacher, although he dosn't teach us formal lessons.


Thankyou for everything you've taught us soo far, and for what you'll teach us in the future. You've been more of a friend to us than an authority figure, and we'll love and respect you forever.


so anyway, today was a boring day in school. reached school and done with biometric thing at EXACTLY 7.25am. didn't manage to make it to the parade square on time, tho.. so after school kena detention for an hour..

nothing to blog about lessons, except a slightly interesting MT lesson. we were doodling on a piece of paper, when our teacher walked by. E immediately tried to hide the paper, when he approached. he was like, "so, my top students.. what are you doing?"

E: !!! (tries to stash paper under desk)
Me: pulls out the paper, and shows 'cher. "see? we draw one.. as top students, we muz destress, if not our brains will explode!!!(exaggerated hand movement)"
Teacher: "huh huh huh!(he laughs like that) soo full of violence."

i don't currently have the foolscap we doodled on, but i'll dig it out soon.

detention was boredom, copied maths tys answers during that one hour of sheer torture. try having a cranky pre-pms-ing person sitting next to you.

then the beloved teacher of ours went to accompany us in detention..

juz nice after i was done with my homework, he appeared.

at that moment, E was passing me the piece of paper we doodled on. we were like, kinda afraid he'll see that we were wasting our time so we tried to hide it.

Teacher: what are you ladies doing?
Me: (despretely trying to hide the paper) uhh.. juz completed maths!
T: (looks extremely closely at the back of paper)
M: eep.. (keeps pulling it from view)
T: (takes paper) i know how to play this game! (lays it on table and starts playing with me)


T: whoever starts first will surely win.
M&E: no, not true.. juz now in class E kept starting first, but M always won.
T: come, i show you..
M: i WILL win you!

so we play a few rounds, with him starting all.. he won all.. =[

M:NYA~~! i wanna win!

(everyone in the detention room starts staring at me)

T: aiyah, you should have said so earlier. i would have let you..
M: NO!!! you muz play your best! i will win you!!
T: okay, if i win, you buy me a drink. if you win, i buy you 2 lunch!

still lost to him..

here on, cannot blog about it liao.. i don't wanna get him into trouble.

we had a lot of fun, and ended up overstaying our detention time. he also showed us really cool star-models made using ice-cream sticks, and gave us some to try.

E ended up breaking 3 sticks, so i gave her my extras and helped with hers. i didn't break any.. ^^

listening to her try to force the sticks to bend is like listening to a tape of a woman in labour..

Fieary. 5/8/09.

i know what i wanna give him for teacher's day liao.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??