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Saturday, 22 August 2009
bloody spit. 22/08/09

hey guys!

umm.. to those of you who are concerned/curious/fascinated,

i spat out blood 4 times on thursday, and once on friday morn.

my gums(rightside, between the last 2 molars) started bleeding profusely in class on thursday. whole mouthfuls of that icky liquid life..

i was teaching erica about Flemming's right-hand rule, when i swallowed a LOT of blood.. immediately tasted the rusty saltiness and felt sick. asked for some tissue, ended up using up a whole pack, but the bleeding stopped after i prayed. thank God.

went home, thought it was a one-off thing and didn't do anything about it.

about an hour after dinner, i tasted that disgusting rustiness, and found my mouth filled with blood again. rushed to the toilet, spewed it all out, gargled many times, stuffed my fingers in my mouth to stop the bleeding. took me close to half and hour.

went to take some bio c pills, then brushed my teeth. bleeding started again.

waited for my dad to come home to tell him about it.

meanwhile, close to 9, bled again.

friday morning, bled while i was eating breakfast.

immediately spat out everything i ate, and tried to stem the bleeding again. success after 2 mins.

saw a dentist juz now. (took me a lot of trouble, shall not emphasize on that and waste my time.)

he told me it could be cuz my wisdom teeth were growing out. i thought mine grew out last year. partially, anyway.

instead, turns out that something was lodged under the gum. resembled a bone chip. hard and yucky.


he removed it, don't worry. then told me to gargle warm water and salt if my gums bleed again.

so now, my gums feel a lot better. still slightly sore from him prodding, but nothing serious.

when my gums bled, it didn't hurt. in fact, i didn't even feel anything. but when he was removing that shrapnel outta my teeth, it effing hurt, it was like he was trying to pluck out my tooth with that sharp hook or something!

really nice old guy tho, very patient with me, put up with the usual shit i give all dentists.

Fieary. 22/08/09

oh, forgot to say, played the spasm game with marcus, xiangrong, chinhan and the chinese girls again yesterday. played like mad till hands hurt.

went to watch Turning Point after that. great movie. i wouldn't mind watching it again. even erica agreed, and added in that some of the guys were hot. -.-

the guys watched for the story, i watched for the action, and she watched for hot guys.. lol! till now my right elbow area still hurting from too much spasming.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??