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Friday, 31 July 2009
bored. 31/7/09

i fell asleep yesterday at 4++/5pm.

officially woke up at 3.13am. haha!

so from 4+am till 5am, run run run at my kitchen. i'm determined to run off the flab hanging on my abs and thighs and arms. i wanna lose weight for both personal and goal-related issues. yes, i wanna play Katniss Everdeen. so i ran 200laps in my 10m long kitchen. (from side A to side B back to side A again is 1 lap.) that's like, 4000m? wow! took me less than an hour. yet i somehow can juz barely pass my 2.4km run.. =[

sad part no.2: i ran without socks and now my the side of my right foot (the bottom) has a painful blister..

after showering till 5.30, nothing to do, decided to read yesterday's news.. cuz today's haven't arrived yet.

anyway, strait's times front page was on the germany fishman who broke 20? records within 4 days. nothing much to say about him. juz thought he looks like a mermaid.

a really FAT mermaid.

and poor michael phelps crying in a corner.. boohoo..

after strait's times, when to read Mind Your Body.. soo boring. most interesting was about withdrawals vs condoms. i say condoms win.

reason: i don't like the word withdrawal. sounds like some druggie.

anyway, things were really starting to put me to sleep till i saw this:

xD~! big old guy like kena chaotah (roasted) like that!

another thing i read in MYB was about body language. i really wanted to laugh when i read the part about the guy pointing his toot towards you to show he's virile. it reminded me of XiaXue post "In Defence Of Bleached Blondes" about that dickhead who slammed on her. he virile meh? can't see any toot. haah!

i juz really like reading XiaXue's posts. enjoyable.

okie. my breakfast is ready. shall go and eat now. juz nice my stomach growled.


Fieary. 6AM!! 31/7/09

when will my dreams be fulfilled??