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Monday, 11 December 2017
♥My 100 List‼ To-Dos

♥My 100 List‼ 

1.} join the cast of Cats for at least one season as Jemima
2.} ♥be the face of ARTISTRY
3.} learn to knit
4.} set up a teen self-help organisation
6.} rear a pair of platypuses
8.} translate 25 songs into english http://abcdeghijklmnoprstuvwyzx.blogspot.com/2011/09/8-translate-25-songs-into-english-3100.html"[in-progress]
9.} conquer Mt.Everest's summit
11.} direct a Hollywood blockbuster movie
12.} send a cleanup team to the South China Sea
13.} ♥frame up an xray of my brain in my livingroom
14.} swim with dolphins
15.} star in a hongkong/mandarin kungfu period drama serial
16.} buy a liscence plate "1D0N7KN0W"
17.} touch a living swimming great white shark's tail/snout|pet a shark
18.} design a top for guys
19.} open a cafe selling nutritious food i like
20.} ♥design my own guitar
21.} hit an airrifle target bull's eye 10 times consecutively, 100m away
22.} shoot a frog with an arrow
23.} write a book titled "100 WAYS to PESTr Someone Till InSaniTY"
24.} eat freshly self-picked strawberries from a farm (in New Zealand/Tochigi?)
25.} own an oceanic tank/aquarium with stingrays/exotic fishies
26.} ability to play piano fluidly.
27.} ♥design my own house
29.} patent a vacuum cleaner called "iSUCK?"
30.} create a NEW craze
31.} ♥give my kor a million bucks, SGD.
32.} learn to read musical notes
33.} ♥act in 50 movies
34.} ♥vandelise the HOLLYWOOD sign
35.} invent a new dessert
36.} own a gym
37.} design a handphone
38.} dance on a highway
39.} write 'thief' on my forehead and walk down orchard street
40.} walk down orchard road dressed as a traffic light
41.} knit a pair of shortpants
42.} dress as a red indian for racial harmony day
43.} ♥write a food catalogue of my quirky fav eats
44.} start a foodfight
45.} ski down a mountain without injuring myself
46.} shake a champagne bottle sooo hard it shoots out at someone's head?
47.} design a cacoon hammock-tent and live in it for a month
48.} build a shack using only toothpicks and melted GREEN rubber bands
49.} break it down, use it as a bonfire, and a bbq
50.} ♥break glass singing
51.} see a live human heart
52.} ♥(co)write 30 songs
53.} ♥dance on top of a jet plane
54.} own a beach house
55.} holiday in Alaska
56.} ♥go crab-fishing in the Bering Sea
57.} own a sports car
58.} tapdance on stilts
59.} break a world record/Guinness record
60.} stroke an eagle
61.} ride a hippopotamus/rhinocerus
62.} rear an army of sawfishes and Pacu (those fat fishes with humanoid teeth) in my private lake for fishing
63.} ride a (self-crafted) bamboo raft down the Singapore River/Mekong River
65.} check into a mental institute
66.} build a boat using only Mac straws, tissue and Uhu glue
67.} sail to Malaysia from Singapore on it/at least for 30mins at sea
68.} ♥own an island(that has a cave, volcano, a field with a river, and my other fantasies; Mo'orea island??)
69.} own a series of companies
70.} carve an ice sculpture
71.} hire a butler
72.} ♥design 100 outfits
73.} dress as a ninja
75.} sing in an acapella opera show
76.} bleach my hair white
78.} climb a construction crane
79.} get an afro wig
80.} ♥volunteer in SPCA
81.} swim in a watertank
82.} ♥build a church in Timor Leste
83.} successfully cook marshmallows/gyuuhi from scratch
84.} buy a house in DaLian
85.} host a fondue/yogurt/gummi/icecream banquet
86.} bake a cheesecake
87.} ♥design & build myself a "walk-in" 'tree' wardrobe
88.} ♥own a yatch and name it SS. Violet Jessop maru (colour: blazing red/yellow rubber ducky)
89.} ride a horse down a meadow at high speeds
90.} ♥learn how to make RoseApple tea and HONEY Lemon Tea
91.} make a bag using screws and glue/magnets
92.} own a durian plantation
93.} ♥design my OWN wedding gown
94.} dismantle a handphone
95.} join MythBusters juz a few eps, like as a guest.
96.} ♥bbq bread
97.} ♥Star in 3 movies adapted from books (eg. Sabetha in TGBS)
98.} learn sign language
99.} ♥The Best Bet revolutionise the music industry.
100.} ♥COMPLETE 100 things on my 100 LIST!! http://abcdeghijklmnoprstuvwyzx.blogspot.com/2011/06/100-complete-100-things-on-my-100-list.html">[in-progress]
102.} conversational Espanol
103.} invent a partially permeable membrane (filter) that can (on a mass scale) sieve out pollution and bacteria, leaving juz clean air/water.(to clean the ocean of pollution)
104.} have a nice cottage full of fishing equipment, bbq set, next to my lake.
105.} grow a fruits and veggies garden
108.} write a song in Japanese
109.} write a song in Spanish
110.} ♥catch Arashi live in concert [ARAFES '13]
111.} ♥design a 'heart' necklace pendent
112.} film my own eulogy
113.} ♥duet with Sakurap
114.} spoof The Hunger Games movie
115.} ♥full MKR collection.
116.} ♥drive an armoured vehicle with ballooney pokey spikes and a red/white 'FIEARY' sign.
117.} Universal/Warner Music Group artist offer
118.} wakeboard down the streets of Venice
119.} create a WW1 movie
120.} write a jazz song
121.} ♥a recipe book containing 13 of my original food creations
122.} ♥create my dreambook
123.} appear in one of Arashi's variety shows
125.} pumpkin house of horrors in my themepark
126.} 紅白歌合戦に出る
127.} The Best Bet busker in the streets of Orchard during Christmas
128.} a song collaboration with Angela Aki/Shimizu Shota
129.} get a class 2 boating licence (small boats)
130.} visit the Bermuda Triangle
131.} buy a glass grand piano for korkor
132.} get married.
133.} tailor nutrition supplement regimes for animals
134.} shake hands with Bowling For Soup
135.} collaborate with a Phillipino singer
136.} speak 7 languages
137.} climb 100 mountains/volcanos http://abcdeghijklmnoprstuvwyzx.blogspot.com/2011/05/137-climbsummit-100-mountainsvolcanos.html"[in-progress]
138.} expedition to 50 waterfalls/caves
139.} visit 254 countries/White Chart Project http://abcdeghijklmnoprstuvwyzx.blogspot.com/2012/01/139-visit-254-countries.html"[in-progress]
140.} spend 6 months backpacking around Japan
141.} visit the original 5 Wonders of the World
142.} drink beer out of a wooden barrel
143.} design webbed duck feet slippers
144.} serve jelly in a trophy cup
145.} road trip around England/Europe
146.} participate in an archery competition
147.} run with a bull in Spain
148.} sail halfway across the world in my yatch
149.} have a kimono/yukata collection
150.} own a mountain
151.} organise a charity stiletto marathon
152.} travel to http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150217015767463.346934.108605392462
153.} learn the choreography for Party Rock Anthem
154.} spend 1 full month mountaineering in Bhutan
155.} go fishing in Serbia
156.} be able to retire by 27.
157.} collect traditional costumes from 100 different countries
158.} complete an ironman
160.} visit 硫黄島
161.} rear a small herd of capybaras
162.} build a traditional igloo
163.} own a list of copyrights
164.} invent a game using electromyograms
165.} complete a bike marathon
166.} complete a full marathon
167.} climb up the Empire State building
168.) become a Master Scuba Diver
169.} own a game centre
170.} play a full tennis match
171.} do all my own stunts for a martial arts movie
172.} achieve perfect eyesight
173.} drive from Singapore to Europe
174.} drive to Africa
175.} go to college
177.} learn to surf in Australia
178.} grow/crochet dreadlocks
179.} shopping spree at Armani
181.} fish for tuna
182.} tour in a bus
183.} plant a forest over a wasteland
184.} go cave-hunting
185.} translate 10 songs into japanese
186.} 24時間テレビで出る
187.} go on a business trip before 27
188.} create a mobile app
189.} play with baby tiger cubs
190.} hug a bear
191.} finish a coloring book
192.} complete 100 adult puzzles
193.} world map of theme parks and aquariums
194.} bite into a freshly caught fish
195.} collect the whole Gentlemen Bastards Sequence
196.} rear a tank of pearl bearing oysters
197.} cosplay an adorable character
198.} food tour in NYC
199.} eat gold
200.} 桜と梅の花見したい
201.} Ride a rodeo bull machine
202.} see/pick up a sand dollar
203.} eat black sapote
204.} eat a red banana
205.} find a diamond at the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas
206.} do a DNA test to find out my ancestry
207.} see a black lion
208.} dive with dolphins
209.} spend 1 hour in Vatican City
210.} go night diving in Singapore waters. Pulau Hantu.
211.} go on a world cruise
212.} petting cafe
213.} front row tickets to BattleBots

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when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Wednesday, 18 January 2017
100.} COMPLETE 100 things on my 100 LIST!! [14/100]

5,} fish in the Maldives [DONE]
7.} overcome my fear of cycling [DONE]
10.} eat a chicken clean [DONE]
74.} own a pair of skates [DONE]
77.} eat a leaf [DONE]
101.} ♥Japanese Literacy + fluency [DONE]
106.} complete polytechnic [Graduated AY 2013/2014, Singapore Polytechnic, Diploma in Nutrition, Health and Wellness]
107.} achieve NYAA Gold [DONE]
110.} ♥catch Arashi live in concert [ARAFES 21/9/13] [Untitled 2/12/17]
124.} pass JLPT N3 [DONE]
159.} complete a vertical marathon [DONE]
176.} work as a waitress [Tanyoto] [Akane]
180.} fall in love


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when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Friday, 11 September 2015
Egg Philosophy

I thought i found a place where i thrived. A culture i understood and was accepted. All my concerns were washed away by the warmth and kindness i experienced interacting and working in that environment.

Oh, how wrong i was. Everything is good until you meet the bad ones.

Every basket has its rotten eggs. They don't pose a problem or cause any nuisance until you accidentally hit the shell and it starts to crack. Then the smell becomes so overpowering and stifles you. If you don't get rid of the rotten egg, it starts to suffocate and infect the other eggs,

But what if you were one of the eggs in the basket? You are an egg. You cannot remove the rotten egg of your own accord. Would you wait until the gook has seeped out of the basket? Endure and wait for the stench to pass? Or would you quit being an egg?

It was such a comfortable basket, but now it retches.



when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Monday, 29 June 2015
Japan 2015 - Fukuoka/Kumamoto/Osaka

Day 1 - Fukuoka Marinoa City Outlet Mall
Day 2 - Kurokawa Hotsprings
Day 3 - Kurokawa Hotsprings
Day 4 - mountain range near Oita
Day 6 - Omuta/Arao
Day 7 - Kumamoto City
Day 8 - Kumamoto City
Day 9 - Osaka
Day 10 - Universal Studios Japan
Day 11 - Kikuyo
Day 12 - Kumamoto City
Day 13 - Fukuoka City

Kurokawa Onsen






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when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Sunday, 7 June 2015
Acer Aspire R 13

See how incredibly cool this is?

This is my new lappie.

The screen flips 180 degrees to become a laptop.

It has touch-screen functions, and the PC fair peeps gave me a stylus to poke the screen with.

I love how convenient it is to adjust the screen when i change sitting position or desk height.

Everything is great EXCEPT: the keyboard is not as sensitive as i am used to.

Granted, it may be to prevent dumb-finger syndrome where fingers aren't as dexterous as they are supposed to be, or when something lands on it, or sticky keys. Still, i gets pretty irritating when i am keying in a serial code or password and it becomes "assord".


when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Sunday, 18 January 2015
I'm still around! recap 2014

After a year n 4 months, i posted to complain about my food. lol!

Now after half a year, i am posting to update.

2014 has been a year of many ups and downs for me. Though i am glad to say that i remember mainly the ups, and if you ask me what downs there are.... uhmm... i forgot. (^.^)

Here is my list of 'major' events from 2014;

25 Jan - Started dating my current bf (who i am still with, and we are going really steady and getting serious. lol! still freaky to me)

CNY - Batam getaway with my bf (first ever overseas trip with a guy)

14 Feb - First-time ever 'celebrating' Valentines Day (don't be surprised)

1 March - Quit Crescent

1 April - Opened D' Corselet (took over from the previous owner)

July - Advanced Open Water Certified! (with the wonderful Blue Marlin in Gili Trawangan)

1 Aug - Dyed my hair blonde

5 Aug - Started work at Club Sideway (OMIGOSH. Hallelujah for this blessing. An awesome place with the nicest people i've ever worked with.)

Oct - Halloween sales period

31 Oct to 6 Nov - 1 week Japan holiday

3, 4 Nov - Blew a bomb in a Host Club. 20k yen. xD

6 Dec - iPhone 6

25 Dec - Christmas Family BBQ!!

29 Dec to 4 Jan - New Year in the MALDIVES. I caught a tiger grouper with a handline! (with help from the local uncle, but still.. and i saw Dolphins!)

A year has passed pretty fast. 14 memorable things!

Looking forward to a blessed 2015.


when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Friday, 31 October 2014
Japan 2014 - Kumamoto/Fukuoka

Japan 2014 - ANCT bunkasai


Japan 2014 - KumaDai GakuinSai


Japan 2014 - Saga International Balloon Fiesta 03.11.2014


Japan 2014 - Fukuoka City. 04.11.2014 - 06.11.2014


Japan 2014 - Host Club


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when will my dreams be fulfilled??