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Friday, 11 September 2015
Egg Philosophy

I thought i found a place where i thrived. A culture i understood and was accepted. All my concerns were washed away by the warmth and kindness i experienced interacting and working in that environment.

Oh, how wrong i was. Everything is good until you meet the bad ones.

Every basket has its rotten eggs. They don't pose a problem or cause any nuisance until you accidentally hit the shell and it starts to crack. Then the smell becomes so overpowering and stifles you. If you don't get rid of the rotten egg, it starts to suffocate and infect the other eggs,

But what if you were one of the eggs in the basket? You are an egg. You cannot remove the rotten egg of your own accord. Would you wait until the gook has seeped out of the basket? Endure and wait for the stench to pass? Or would you quit being an egg?

It was such a comfortable basket, but now it retches.



when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Monday, 29 June 2015
Japan 2015 - Fukuoka/Kumamoto/Osaka

Day 1 - Fukuoka Marinoa City Outlet Mall
Day 2 - Kurokawa Hotsprings
Day 3 - Kurokawa Hotsprings
Day 4 - mountain range near Oita
Day 6 - Omuta/Arao
Day 7 - Kumamoto City
Day 8 - Kumamoto City
Day 9 - Osaka
Day 10 - Universal Studios Japan
Day 11 - Kikuyo
Day 12 - Kumamoto City
Day 13 - Fukuoka City

Kurokawa Onsen






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when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Sunday, 7 June 2015
Acer Aspire R 13

See how incredibly cool this is?

This is my new lappie.

The screen flips 180 degrees to become a laptop.

It has touch-screen functions, and the PC fair peeps gave me a stylus to poke the screen with.

I love how convenient it is to adjust the screen when i change sitting position or desk height.

Everything is great EXCEPT: the keyboard is not as sensitive as i am used to.

Granted, it may be to prevent dumb-finger syndrome where fingers aren't as dexterous as they are supposed to be, or when something lands on it, or sticky keys. Still, i gets pretty irritating when i am keying in a serial code or password and it becomes "assord".


when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Sunday, 18 January 2015
I'm still around! recap 2014

After a year n 4 months, i posted to complain about my food. lol!

Now after half a year, i am posting to update.

2014 has been a year of many ups and downs for me. Though i am glad to say that i remember mainly the ups, and if you ask me what downs there are.... uhmm... i forgot. (^.^)

Here is my list of 'major' events from 2014;

25 Jan - Started dating my current bf (who i am still with, and we are going really steady and getting serious. lol! still freaky to me)

CNY - Batam getaway with my bf (first ever overseas trip with a guy)

14 Feb - First-time ever 'celebrating' Valentines Day (don't be surprised)

1 March - Quit Crescent

1 April - Opened D' Corselet (took over from the previous owner)

July - Advanced Open Water Certified! (with the wonderful Blue Marlin in Gili Trawangan)

1 Aug - Dyed my hair blonde

5 Aug - Started work at Club Sideway (OMIGOSH. Hallelujah for this blessing. An awesome place with the nicest people i've ever worked with.)

Oct - Halloween sales period

31 Oct to 6 Nov - 1 week Japan holiday

3, 4 Nov - Blew a bomb in a Host Club. 20k yen. xD

6 Dec - iPhone 6

25 Dec - Christmas Family BBQ!!

29 Dec to 4 Jan - New Year in the MALDIVES. I caught a tiger grouper with a handline! (with help from the local uncle, but still.. and i saw Dolphins!)

A year has passed pretty fast. 14 memorable things!

Looking forward to a blessed 2015.


when will my dreams be fulfilled??

100.} COMPLETE 100 things on my 100 LIST!! [14/100]

5,} fish in the Maldives [DONE]
7.} overcome my fear of cycling [DONE]
10.} eat a chicken clean [DONE]
74.} own a pair of skates [DONE]
77.} eat a leaf [DONE]
101.} ♥Japanese Literacy + fluency [DONE]
106.} complete polytechnic [Graduated AY 2013/2014, Singapore Polytechnic, Diploma in Nutrition, Health and Wellness]
107.} achieve NYAA Gold [DONE]
110.} ♥catch Arashi live in concert [ARAFES '13]
124.} pass JLPT N3 [DONE]
159.} complete a vertical marathon [DONE]
176.} work as a waitress [Tanyoto] [Akane]
180.} fall in love


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when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Friday, 31 October 2014
Japan 2014 - Kumamoto/Fukuoka

Japan 2014 - ANCT bunkasai


Japan 2014 - KumaDai GakuinSai


Japan 2014 - Saga International Balloon Fiesta 03.11.2014


Japan 2014 - Fukuoka City. 04.11.2014 - 06.11.2014


Japan 2014 - Host Club


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when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Friday, 1 August 2014
Bleach my hair blonde

I've always wanted to try bleaching my hair blonde.

Today i did.

Not too light like platinum, too yellow, nor too dull.

I didn't trust any salon enough to let them pour bleach on my head. Glad i made friends with S-san, who works for PACT + LIM @ Orchard Central.



when will my dreams be fulfilled??